All Systems Go for Growth

In the highly-competitive U.S. packaged gases and welding hardgoods industry, the power of Airgas is in our people and how they leverage the large integrated platform we have built to better serve our customers. To help accomplish this, our people need information systems and processes that allow them to be more fluid, flexible, customer focused and efficient.

This past year, we completed the multi-year rollout of our highly-customized SAP information system across our distribution regions and hardgoods infrastructure — a major milestone in the evolution of our business.

As each region went live on SAP, we were able to expand the reach of our telesales team beyond safety products and into gases and welding-related hardgoods. This information platform provides enhanced visibility and fulfillment capabilities for our telesales team that allow them to provide the friendly, reliable service over the phone that their safety customers have come to enjoy over the years.

With the new SAP system, associates have increased access to real-time product and customer data across all Airgas locations nationwide. Significantly improved order tracking, reporting, data mining, and transactional processing capabilities are just a few advantages the new system provides to help us better manage our business day in and day out. It's another big step on the path to continually enhancing the Airgas customer experience — which aligns well with our ongoing Core Strategy II initiative.

Our state-of-the-art systems go well beyond SAP. We're also significantly upgrading our e-Business website to make our company more accessible to customers 24/7 and to provide the self-service functionality they expect.

Industry-leading systems will help differentiate Airgas from our competition — and help make Airgas go — for years to come.

Transforming Our Telesales Team

January 2011
Safety Telesales: 203
Airgas Total Access: 0
Technical Service and Training: 4
Customer Service
(including e-Business support): 35
TOTAL: 242

January 2012
Safety Telesales: 200
Airgas Total Access: 87
Technical Service and Training: 7
Customer Service
(including e-Business support): 35
TOTAL: 329

January 2013
Safety Telesales: 200
Airgas Total Access: 120
Technical Service and Training: 8
Customer Service
(including e-Business support): 40
TOTAL: 368

customer base