(from Left to Right)

Lee M. Thomas (1)(3)
Former Chairman and CEO
Rayonier, Inc.

Paula A. Sneed (2)(3)
Former EVP Global Marketing
Resources & Initiatives
Kraft Foods

James W. Hovey (3)(4)
The Fox Companies

John C. van Roden, Jr. (1)(2)(4)
Former EVP and Chief Financial Officer
P.H. Glatfelter Company

Robert L. Lumpkins (2)
Chairman, The Mosaic Company

Peter McCausland (1)
Executive Chairman
Airgas, Inc.

(1) Executive Committee
(2) Audit Committee
(3) Governance and Compensation Committee
(4) Finance Committee

Michael L. Molinini (1)
President and CEO
Airgas, Inc.

John P. Clancy (4)
Chairman, Livingston International
Former Chairman, Maersk Inc.

Ted B. Miller, Jr. (4)
President, 4M Investments, LLC

Ellen C. Wolf (2)
Former Senior VP and CFO
American Water Works Company, Inc.

David M. Stout (1)(3)(4)
Former President, Pharmaceuticals