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Rely on Airgas for greater yields with fewer resources.

Airgas offers the complete systems approach to food freezing production.  We provide bulk cryogens — nitrogen or carbon dioxide — tanks sized for best overall economy, our own Airgas FreezeRight™ freezers, piping engineered for your process and budget, and exhaust systems engineered to maximize efficiency.

Airgas FreezeRight freezers — tunnels, cabinets, spirals, immersion, triple-pass, plus customer designs — are designed for easy use and to optimize the use of liquid cryogens. They’re also easy to expand so you have the flexibility to increase production.  Easy access means there’s less downtime and more profit for you.  Airgas FreezeRight freezers use liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide and can be easily adjusted to the temperatures and production rates you require.

Airgas also provides gases for modified atmosphere packaging so you can make sure your products stay fresher longer.

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