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Airgas Canada Serves Locations in British Columbia

Airgas Canada serves four locations in British Columbia offering industrial, medical and specialty gases, welding and safety products. We also serve home health care providers with respiratory products and services.

Airgas Canada is committed to providing it's Canadian customers with unmatched product and service offerings through the industry's most comprehensive distribution network.

Respiratory Home Services

When you are, or someone close to you is, short of breath... We Can Help.

Quality of life is something that we should all be striving to improve upon. Unfortunately, the symptoms of respiratory disorders (shortness of breath, cough, and/or wheeze) can limit one's ability to enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle. Everyday activities can be difficult and uncomfortable chores. Fortunately, help is available…

Many years of experience in the respiratory homecare field has shown us that far too many people who suffer from breathing problems are unaware that the quality of their lives can be improved.

Making changes toward a healthier lifestyle, such as avoiding respiratory irritants and using one's medications correctly are examples of a few actions that can be taken to help them regain control over breathing. The health professionals involved in respiratory care are an excellent source of information and guidance. Learn as much as possible from them.

Remember…the more one knows about their own respiratory condition, the more one will be able to help themselves.

At Airgas, our objectives are simple:

  • Provide professional respiratory services in your community
  • Ensure excellence in the delivery of our services
  • Provide personalized service – focus on individual needs
  • Liaison with physicians, other health professionals, and patients
  • Maintain 24 hr. emergency response for equipment related problems
  • Commit to increasing the public’s awareness of lifestyles that contribute to healthly lungs

The well-being of our clients is of the utmost importance. We are therefore committed to providing the highest level of quality care. 

Our Clients

At Airgas we understand that everyone’s needs can be different. Some people may have mild breathing problems while others may suffer from debilitating respiratory diseases. To provide the best service and products we can for our clients, we tailor our involvement in the care of them to suit their needs, not ours.

Regardless of how mild, or serious, one's breathing problems may be, we are available to talk to them about their individual needs.

We strongly feel that our relationship with our clients must be built upon trust, understanding, and compassion. Nothing makes our jobs more fulfilling than when we receive the ultimate compliment; When our clients consider us to be more than home healthcare providers and welcome us into their homes, as friends of the family.

Contact & Support Information

Surrey, British Columbia
103-13070 115th Ave
Surrey, BC V3R 2T9
Phone: 1-604-580-3000 or
Fax: 1-604-580-3001

Delta, British Columbia
634 Derwent Way Delta, B.C. V3M 5P8, Canada
Phone: 1-604-520-0355 or
Fax: 1-604-520-0377

Victoria, British Columbia
#1 931 Ellery Street, Victoria, B.C. V9A4R9, Canada
Phone: 1-250-383-2442 or
Fax: 1-250-389-1164