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Airgas Carbonic is the third-largest manufacturer and distributor of liquid carbon dioxide in the United States. We have six production facilities serving 19 states, primarily east of the Mississippi River. Two of the plants are the largest in North America, and offer state-of-the-art production and quality control capability. Continuous monitoring of key process variables and quality control points assure that liquid carbon dioxide is produced to our customers' most stringent specifications.

In addition to manufacturing CO2, we offer a complete line of specialized CO2 storage, transportation and process equipment, including A.S.M.E. coded pressure vessels. Our applications engineering staff employs state-of-the-art technology and stands ready to assist you with your application and to provide you with custom-designed systems. Our service network assures prompt repairs and minimum downtime at competitive rates.

We are also certified to sell USP and NSF products, and we pride ourselves on exceeding the specifications of all major beverage and food companies.

Customer Focused

Our service department is ready to supply, install and service all standard and custom versions of storage and application equipment. We provide a complete line of storage tanks, water-treatment equipment, cryogenic freezers, chillers, pumps, vaporizers, dry ice pelletizers, snow hoods, CO2 monitors and vapor recovery systems.

Our Mission Statement is "Exceeding Customer Expectations with Quality Products and Services," and we take it very seriously. We look forward to showing you our unlimited capabilities in providing solutions to your carbon dioxide requirements.

About CO2

CO2 gas is inert, colorless, odorless and tasteless. It is also easily and safely liquefied, solidified, handled, and stored. In its solide form, CO2 has a refrigeration value of approximately 245 BTU's per pound. It readily interacts with water to form carbonic acid, otherwise referred to as carbonated water. CO2 is commercially available as a food-grade product and is transported and stored in both its liquid and solid phases. It is easily converted from a liquid to dry ice "snow" or "pellets" at customer locations. Liquid CO2 is economically stored in insulated and mechanically refrigerated tanks. 

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