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Airgas Nitrous Oxide

Airgas Nitrous Oxide

Airgas Nitrous Oxide is the largest producer of nitrous oxide in North America. Nitrous Oxide is produced in three separate facilities. Nitrous oxide is available produced according to cGMP protocol of the United States Food and Drug Administration. Higher purity grades can be supplied with purity as high as 99.9999%. Shipment options for bulk nitrous oxide include insulated tractor trailer and tube trailer. Airgas Nitrous Oxide ships bulk nitrous oxide worldwide in vacuum jacketed ISO containers.

In addition to use of nitrous oxide as an anesthetic, applications include an aerosol propellant, the manufacture of semi-conductors, The oxidizer for rocket engines, and enhancement of the performance of internal combustion engines



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Martin Tupman - Vice President and General Manager of Airgas Nitrous Oxide

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