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Airgas Specialty Gases
Cheshire, CT

Cheshire, CT

The manufacturing focus of Airgas' specialty gas plant in Cheshire, CT is the production of environmental mixtures, EPA Protocol mixtures, simple hydrocarbon mixtures, and Research Grade atmospheric gases (Grade 5.5 and above). Just recently Cheshire was certified to produce BAR 97 Gases. Like other ASG plants, this facility is solely dedicated to specialty gas production only. Cheshire will also be the central location for the filling of the Airgas Portable Gases product line. 

Product Information

Key Products

  • Research grade atmospheric gases
  • EPA Protocol mixtures
  • Atmospheric gas mixtures
  • Environmental mixtures (reactive gases)
  • I/M Gas Mixtures-BAR 97
  • Complex high accuracy hydrocarbon mixtures
  • Gas phase mixtures only
  • High or low pressure cylinders

  • Partial pressure and gravimetric blending capabilities allowing single or multi-cylinder filling.
  • Full analytical capabilities and instrumentation to support all raw material, process control, and final QC analysis.
  • A modern Dynamic Blending System has been in operation since 1998.

Blend Types
  • Certified
  • Primary
  • NIST Traceable
  • EPA Protocol
  • I/M Gases - BAR 97



Contact Information

Ricky Doney - Facility Manager

Jennifer DeFelice - Customer Service Representative

Airgas Specialty Gases
325 McCausland Court, Cheshire, CT, 06410
Phone: (203) 250-6827
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