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Airgas Specialty Products, formerly LaRoche Industries, is the premier US industrial ammonia supplier for denox, metal treatment, water treatment, chemical processing, and ammonia refrigeration applications. With 24 distribution facilities nationwide, Airgas Specialty Products has the ability to meet your delivery needs.

More than 100 employees staff and operate Airgas Specialty Products' network of 24 ammonia distribution, field service and office locations. The company is a primary supplier of ammonia to the fast-growing market segment of power plants, oil refineries and other manufacturing facilities nationwide who require ammonia for nitrogen oxide removal (DeNOX). ASP also serves the metal treating, heat treating, chemical processing, industrial refrigeration and water treatment industries - as it has for over 100 years.

We focus on:

Supply – Commercial or Premium grade anhydrous ammonia as well as 19%, 29% and custom concentrations of aqua ammonia

Field Service - Airgas Specialty Products offers best in class delivery, repairs, pump-outs, tank inspection, and preventative maintenance for all ammonia applications

Safety Training – We provide on-site safety training seminars for basic and advanced ammonia awareness

Regulatory Products – For your RMP/PSM programs satisfy your EPA and OSHA requirements with our traditional or web-based service

Equipment - Purchase any ammonia related equipment such as valves, regulators and gauges

Storage Systems – Our experts can design, engineer, and install an ammonia system to fit your needs

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