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Oxygen Therapy

The need for home oxygen therapy will come as an unwelcome surprise for most people. It’s very common for the patient and family to express a deep concern over the state of health of someone who requires oxygen therapy. There is often a sense of uneasiness about having oxygen equipment in the home. These feelings are both understandable and natural, but the professional staff at Airgas can help.

If your physician has prescribed home oxygen therapy, you will need the help of very special people. Your Airgas representative is a highly trained, licensed health care professional who is well versed in the lung problems you are experiencing, and the appropriate therapies required to assist you. He or she is extremely knowledgeable regarding the equipment that is best suited to meet your individual needs. As a home care specialist, your Airgas representative will always come to your home, as a caring, courteous, and understanding professional.

If you are in hospital awaiting discharge, an Airgas representative will be pleased to come and discuss your respiratory needs with you and explain the therapy and equipment that have been prescribed for you.

If you need oxygen for your trip home, we will ensure that this is arranged for you.

The rest of the supplies you will need are delivered to your home and your Airgas representative will spend as much time as needed with you and your family, to ensure you are comfortable with the oxygen equipment we have provided. Arrangements for follow-up and regular visits will also be discussed with you.

We believe it is very important to work together with you and your physician to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from your therapy. Our aim is to help you become as self-sufficient and independent as possible.

If you ever need any help with your oxygen equipment, or you have question or concerns, our staff are on-call 24 hours a day. We are always just a phone call away and, if needed, we will come to your home to replace malfunctioning equipment.