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From the highest purity gases to mulitcomponent mixtures, all Airgas cylinders are prepared to meet stringent make tolerances and to ensure analytical accuracy. All cylinders are subject to ongoing safety inspections and must pass numerous quality control checks before shipment.

Airgas medical gases manufacturing facilities are registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and our medical gases are carefully monitored to ensure that they meet all FDA requirements for traceability and purity.

All Airgas calibration gases are certified to be accurate to the specifications listed in the Airgas Specialty Gas Catalog. All gravimetric scales are calibrated with NIST certified weights to ensure blend accuracy of our calibrated standards. Documentation is available for composition verification.

Airgas Quality Control Facilities
All Airgas production facilities include a state-of-the-art quality control laboratory, staffed by specially trained technicians, for validating the content of all gases. All Airgas lab analyzers are carefully calibrated to exact standards to ensure accurate measurement of gas purity and consistency.

On-Site Testing
Initially we test delivery lots to verify the purity of bulk gases from our vendors. As cylinders are being filled, each lot is tested to ensure ultimate purity and consistency. A certificate of analysis can be provided if desired to assist with ISO 9000 certification.

High-speed vacuum pumps completely evacuate each gas cylinder before it is filled. During production, cylinders receive a lot code label identifying the bulk gas supplier and the date of filling. Every product is traced from the bulk supplier's truck through our bulk tanks, into production, and out to your site.