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Nitrous Oxide International Delivery

Airgas Nitrous Oxide is the world's largest producer of nitrous oxide, operating three plants in the United States, and one in Canada. In addition to distributing nitrous oxide throughout North America, Airgas ships nitrous oxide by ocean freight to customers in Asia, South America, and Europe.

Nitrous Oxide TransportAirgas Bulk Liquid Nitrous Oxide

IMO-7 Intermodal Transport Tank

  • Reliable supply
  • Highest quality - purities from 99% to 99.9995+%
  • Competitive pricing worldwide

You'll find it all with Airgas.

Nitrous Capacity........Up to 20,000 kg
Hold Time...............Greater than 3 months
Dimensions..............6.058m (length) x 2.438m (width) x 2.581m (height)
Design Code.............IMDGE, ASME Section VIII Division 1, US DOT MC-338, CGA-341
Approvals...............IMO-7, AAR-600, TC Impact Approved, CSC

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