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Easy to carry. Simple to use. And always ready when you are.

Another way Airgas Puritan Medical is taking care of respiratory care.

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Airgas Puritan Medical is the trusted leader in quality and safety in the medical gas industry. To meet the need for a reliable portable oxygen system in hospitals, nursing homes and for emergency care, more and more people are choosing the Walk-O2-BoutTM from Airgas Puritan Medical.

It’s about convenience

When your patients need oxygen, they need it now. The Walk-O2-Bout system from Airgas Puritan Medical helps you get oxygen to the patient faster than any other dispensing equipment. A lightweight aluminum cylinder and wide permanent handle make it easy to lift and carry anywhere. The built-in regulator means you never have to search for a missing regulator. The streamlined Walk-O2-Bout design packs everything you need into one integrated easy-to-carry unit.


It’s about cost savings

Because the regulator is built right into the cylinder, the Walk-O2-Bout from Airgas Puritan Medical eliminates the need to inventory, repair or replace separate regulators. This reduces maintenance and administrative costs, and ensures that every cylinder you buy is usable and profitable. Also, the Walk-O2-Bout regulator allows you to set precise flow rates quickly and easily to reduce waste.

It’s about safety

The same integrated design features that make the Walk-O2-Bout so simple to use also create the safest oxygen dispensing system on the market. Within the regulator, Airgas Puritan Medical employs NASA-recommended material designed to perform safely in a pure oxygen environment and a built-in relief valve that increases safety for filling, storing and daily operation. A sturdy stainless steel handle and no removable parts help users to transport the cylinder safely.

It’s about quality

The Walk-O2-Bout is built for speed and safety, but it’s also built for strength. Rugged brass construction allows the regulator to take some bumps and the heavy-duty stainless steel handle provides extra regulator protection. An easy-to-read gauge allows for convenient monitoring of oxygen contents, and with the complete Walk-O2-Bout offering, you have expanded flow control range from .25 to 25 lpm for maximum versatility. At Airgas Puritan Medical, we stand behind every cylinder, so we make sure that the highest quality goes into every cylinder we fill.

It’s about you

Whether you’re buying oxygen for a hospital or for emergency medical care, the Walk-O2-Bout was designed with you and your patients in mind. This versatile innovation from Airgas Puritan Medical is the ultimate portable system, combining heavy-duty durability and a lightweight package. Our unique streamlined design is safe, convenient and efficient to save you time and money.

With our nationwide distribution network, you can always count on Airgas Puritan Medical to bring you the right gas at the right time. Ask your representative about the following services available to you as a valued customer of Airgas Puritan Medical:

  • Nursing home delivery

  • 24-hour on-call technicians

  • Gas management service

  • FDA and GMP compliance checks

  • Training in D.O.T and Safe Handling of Oxygen