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Tight reimbursements. Ever-demanding consumers. Ever-changing compliance requirements. This is what makes homecare one of today’s most challenging businesses. More than any other gas supplier, Airgas Puritan Medical understands the homecare business and its challenges. By listening to our homecare provider customers, Airgas Puritan Medical has developed a new level of service called Puritan Plus. Puritan Plus supports our home healthcare dealers in the management and delivery of liquid oxygen. We’ve leveraged our expertise in delivery, compliance, inventory management and supply chain efficiency to make your life easier and to make your customers
more than satisfied with your service.
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Puritan Plus
Puritan Plus from Airgas Puritan Medical gives homecare providers a variety of delivery, compliance and other support, including:
• Home or nursing home delivery to your patients by our uniformed drivers
• Tracking and maintaining your “customer-owned” cylinders
• FDA and GMP compliance checks
• Adherence to strict JCAHO and accreditation guidelines
• Training in D.O.T. and Safe Handling of oxygen
• 24-hour on-call technicians
• Dedicated oxygen facilities
• Access to Airgas Puritan Medical product experts
Puritan Plus Brochure (PDF)

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Oxygen Equipment Rental Program
Airgas Puritan Medical understands how initial high acquisition costs can curb the purchase of new oxygen therapy equipment. That's why we developed one of the most popular rental programs in the industry. It helps ease your cash flow, obtain state-of-the-art equipment, break into new markets, and offer equipment maintained to regulatory compliance levels.

While there are many types of oxygen therapy equipment designed to meet patients' needs, the Airgas Puritan Medical rental program enables you to offer more choices to your customers.
Oxygen Equipment Rental Program Brochure (PDF)

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