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Hospitals and Clinics

In healthcare’s drive for product quality and cost efficiency we are the perfect partner.

Airgas Puritan Medical provides the product selection and outstanding service you would expect from an industry leader all at a better total cost for you. With 900 locations and 288 fill plants, we have more locations across the country than any other supplier. In addition to having the largest medical fleet in the U.S., Airgas Puritan Medical is one of the top suppliers of bulk medical gases. Whether you are looking for medical gases for one location or multiple medical centers nationwide, we can supply every medical gas product, including specialty gases and medical equipment. When searching for a medical gas supplier, look no further than Airgas Puritan Medical.

Walk-O2-Bout® – the cylinder with a fully integrated valve, regulator and handle. This all-in-one unit is patient-ready. With Walk-02-Bout, you can say good-bye to costly regulator repair and replacement, while making inventory problems a thing of the past. The handle it makes easy to carry and provides the added benefit is the increased safety. We also supply liquid oxygen for your patients who require it and any other medical gas you need.
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Medical Gases: Laser Gas, Biological Atmospheres, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, Device and Drug Gases, Laser Gases, Nitrogen, Nitrous Oxide, Oxygen, Sterilants, and other medical mixes.

Medical Device Gases
Medical Air, Breathing Gases
Medical Nitrous Oxide Gas
Medical Oxygen Gas

Medical Regulators
General Gas Equipment

Safety - Infection Control
Medical Lab Supplies: Safe Sedate scented dental mask.
Disposable Clothing
Disposable Gloves

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