Integrated Valve Regulator (WOB) -

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Most hospitals go through several regulators a month. They're easily misplaced, hard to inventory, easy to break, and costly to repair or replace.

Get a handle on your regulator inventory with the Walk-02-Bout® - a cylinder with a fully integrated valve, regulator and handle for increased safety and savings. Exclusively from Airgas Puritan Medical - the trusted leader in quality and safety.

With Walk-02-Bout, you'll say goodbye to costly regulator repair and replacement, while making inventory problems a thing of the past.

CTFE Regulator piston seat
CTFE is a polymer recommended by NASA for use in 100% oxygen atmosphere, decreases risk for fire and combustion.

Sturdy brass body construction
The same durability and quality you expect from Airgas Puritan Medical.

Convenient gauge
UL approved with heavy-duty protector

Stainless steel handle
Easier lifting. Safer transporting. No more broken regulators.

Available for both steel and aluminum cylinders.

Precise flow
Maintains precision flow settings from .25 to 25 lpm.

Relief valve
Rupture disk relief valve is incorporated directly into the regulator for added safety.

Integrated valve and regulator
The equivalent of a post valve that can regulate pressure, yield precise flows, allow for easy filling. Handle makes the entire system easy and safer to carry.