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Emergency Medical Service
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Emergency Medical Services Offering

Product. Service. Expertise. Now more than ever, you’ll find it with us.

It’s the strength of Airgas combined with the 90-year heritage of Puritan Medical. Airgas Puritan Medical brings you everything you’ve wanted in a medical gas supplier— including peace of mind. Two of the strongest names in the medical gas industry have joined together to give medical gas customers unique, new advantages. Airgas Puritan Medical offers the industry’s largest distribution network, the widest range of products and services, and is backed by the expertise of 500 associates dedicated to the medical market. Easier ordering, the highest quality products, reliable delivery, and lower total cost—Airgas Puritan Medical makes it easy to choose a medical gas supplier. And makes your job of purchasing and managing medical gas and related equipment a whole lot easier, too.

Emergency Medical Oxygen Kit
In a major natural disaster or security event, transportation and infrastructure problems could cause
logistical gridlock. That’s why immediate, reliable access to emergency oxygen is a vital part of effective crisis management today. Now, your first responders can be fully prepared with the National Oxygen Kit from Airgas Puritan Medical. This exclusive, self-contained product is the first oxygen delivery system designed for immediate large-scale treatment. An enclosed portable cart holds oxygen with enough cylinders, regulators and masks to potentially treat hundreds of people in one emergency setting. Toggle valves allow instant, easy access to oxygen without the need for an “e” key or other special tools. The National Oxygen Kit guarantees a shelf life of 5 years for the oxygen and 10 years for the cylinders, so you’re assured of a secure, low-maintenance supply for the long term.

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