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Airgas Puritan Medical is a major OEM supplier of calibration gases and anesthetic
blends to the medical device manufacturing market. Airgas Puritan Medical provides gases to both domestic and international manufacturers of medical devices.

The gases can and are being provided in multiple style containers in sizes ranging from high pressure 7900 liter cylinders to 2.0 liter aerosol containers. Airgas Puritan Medical can customize your cylinder requirements as well as your labeling requirements.

Please feel free to contact us to review your requirements anywhere in the world.

If your would like a catalog or more information please contact Ken Owen at 913-495-3610 or by email at Ken.Owen@airgas.com

When you partner with Airgas Puritan Medical, you are partnering with the industry leader. We are the top supplier of cylinder gas in the U.S. and we have more locations across the country than any other supplier. All of this means the convenience of local service supported by assured product availability through our extensive integrated network. Our delivery fleet of 3,500 vehicles – including 250 trucks dedicated to healthcare customers – is committed to giving you on-time service and peace of mind.

Medical Drug Gases:
Carbon Dioxide
Medical Air
Nitrous Oxide

Medical Gases Brochure (PDF)

Medical Gases: Laser Gas, Biological Atmospheres, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, Device and Drug Gases, Laser Gases, Nitrogen, Nitrous Oxide, Oxygen, Sterilants, and other medical mixes.

Medical Device Gases
Medical Air, Breathing Gases
Medical Nitrous Oxide Gas
Medical Oxygen Gas

Medical Regulators
General Gas Equipment

Safety - Infection Control
Medical Lab Supplies: Safe Sedate scented dental mask.
Disposable Clothing
Disposable Gloves