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RDF Equipment and Accessories Catalog
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The new online Airgas RDF Equipment and Accessories Catalog is a supplement to the Airgas Specialty gases and Equipment Manual. It contains everything from cryogenic refrigerators and freezers to liquid nitrogen and dry ice. With more life science laboratories turning to Airgas for help, Airgas has partnered with Taylor-Wharton to jointly market the Taylor-Wharton RDF line to the life sciences industry. By clicking on the image to the right you’ll access the updated catalog, which is set up as a .pdf file.

The Airgas RDF Equipment and Accessories Catalog is provided on Airnet so you'll have instant access to the most up-to-date information available for these products. You can access pages of the Catalog by clicking links set up within the Table of Contents. You can also page through the many sections and pages using the commands/links at the bottom of each page section.

Sections of the Airgas RDF Equipment and Accessories Catalog

  • Introduction

  • LAB Series Freezers

  • K Series Freezers

  • LS Series Freezers

  • XT and HC Series Refrigerators

  • LD Series Dewars

  • CX Series Shippers

  • Cryogenic Accessories

  • Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment

  • Nitrogen

  • Dry Ice