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Gold Gas
Premium Shielding Gases

The Gold Standard in Welding Performance.

Discover the Airgas advantage for better productivity and greater cost-efficiency.

All it takes is a call to your local Airgas representative. Our welding process specialists and certified welding inspectors have years of experience with customers in all industry segments. That experience helps us better understand your business issues. And after conducting a complete process and cost analysis of your welding operations, our experience enables us to recommend cost-effective solutions that will benefit your business for years to come.

Seven precision blends that increase weld quality, lower production costs, and ultimately save you money. You’ll find it with Airgas.

It’s the smallest cost in your welding applications. Yet the right shielding gas can have the greatest impact on your total cost. At Airgas, we understand how shielding gases influence the quality of your weld, the productivity of your labor and the profitability of your business. Our welding process specialists, including certified welding inspectors, will help you determine which of our seven Airgas Gold Gas® mixes best fits your needs. And with nearly 800 Airgas locations nationwide, we can produce and distribute your Gold Gas, whether you have one facility across the street or many facilities across the nation. It’s a unique combination of the right product, the right expertise—right where you need it.

Seven superior choices to improve welding performance.

Protecting the molten metal from atmospheric contamination is the basic function of welding shielding gases. Choosing the right Airgas Gold Gas® mixture can have a dramatic, direct impact on the finished weld. All seven of our proprietary Gold Gas mixtures are precisely formulated for specific applications and optimum results. We have simplified the range of premium shielding gas mixes to meet the stringent requirements for all MIG, TIG, flux-cored and robotic applications. Airgas customers find that the right Gold Gas mixture results in a welding process with fewer rejects, less spatter and less overweld. These benefits mean better quality welds in less time, with less rework and less post-weld cleanup.

Shielding gas: the smallest cost but a big factor in overall efficiency.

There are three major cost components of any welding job: labor, wire, and shielding gases, and by far, shielding gases are the smallest cost. Yet, picking the right shielding gas can greatly influence the major cost factor in welding—labor time—and can make a positive impact on your bottom line by improving welding productivity and quality.

A lower-cost, traditional shielding gas can lead to more dollars spent on labor and extra materials. It’s a clear example of saving pennies and losing dollars.

Airgas Gold Gas products are backed by a team of application specialists who provide your business with a proven method of increasing weld quality and efficiency. And that means a positive impact on profitability. We also help you select the right mixture for your application.

Plus, Airgas can help you choose the right welding equipment, wire and other consumables, safety products and related MRO supplies to complete the job. As the largest U.S. distributor in the industry, we can provide comprehensive solutions to help you manage your supply chain more effectively.
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