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Auto-Darkening Lens Tips
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It has become difficult to see through the filter

  • Clean or replace the cover plates when they become dirty or discolored.
  • Clean the auto-darkening filter as directed in the Maintenance Section of the User Manual that came with the lens.

The Auto-Darkening Filter will not darken after striking an arc

  • Test the auto-darkening filter as directed in “Preparation for use” section of the User Manual.
  • Make sure the outer cover plate is clean, clear and unobstructed.
  • Remove and inspect the auto-darkening filter making sure the sensors and solar panels are unobstructed, clean and not broken or discolored.
  • Cease using this product if problem persists. Refer to Return Procedure in the User Manual and contact Technical Service at 866-814-9919.

The Auto-Darkening Filter is slow to darken

  • Radnor® solar powered auto-darkening filters are designed to operate on very low voltage. If the filter has not been used for a period of time, such as a day or more, the circuitry will enter a sleep state. In the sleep state the battery can retain full voltage potential. It will awaken when you test it or begin welding. For instance if the product is a shade 10, the first time it darkens it will initially darken to perhaps shade 8 then transition to shade 10. Then after that it will darken to shade 10 each and every time. Note: As long as you are wearing your helmet with auto-darkening filter you are protected from UV/IR (ultraviolet/infrared) rays in the dark and light state and every shade in between.
  • Colder temperatures will slow the switching speed of an auto-darkening filter. Once the heat from welding process warms up the components, switching speeds will increase. Auto-darkening filters work best at room temperatures.

The Auto-Darkening Filter goes light or flickers on/off while welding

  • Clean or replace outer clear polycarbonate lens if it becomes soiled or cloudy.
  • Check to make sure that the sensors and solar panels are not damaged, dirty, or covered with a smoky film. Clean filter as directed in Maintenance Section of the User Manual.
  • The front of the auto-darkening filter should be perpendicular to the welding arc.

The Auto-Darkening Filter stays dark after you stop welding

  • Exceeding the temperature limitations may also cause the LCD to stay dark. Let the filter cool down and try not to overheat it again by viewing the arc from the side and not directly above or by increasing the distance the filter is in relationship to the arc.
  • Your filter may remain dark after welding if you are facing a bright light or the sun. If this is the case either look away or pass your hand between the source of light and the sensors. By doing this the light source will be interrupted and the filter will clear.

The Auto-Darkening Filter has a crack running through the front viewing area

  • The UV/IR protection may be compromised resulting in burns caused by Ultraviolet or Infrared radiation. Cease using this product if the problem exists. Refer to Return Procedure in the User Manual.

Spatter is causing damage to the filter

  • Please refer to the Spatter Protection section of the User Manual.

The Auto-Darkening Filter has severe spatter damage

  • Do not operate this product if this condition exists. The UV/IR protection may be compromised. Unfiltered welding light may penetrate through the filter and may result in severe eye damage and burns.

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