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TIG Torch and Tungsten Preparation
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TIG Torch Parts Identification


Tungsten Preparation
Sharpening Procedure



AC TIG Ball Formation
In AC TIG, a ball is formed on the end of the tungsten.

On pure and zirconium tungstens the ball can be formed by creating an arc with AC weld output.

With 2% thoriated tungstens the power source should be set for DCEP to create the ball and AC to weld.


Recommended Airgas Shielding Gases

  • Argon

  • - Available in various cylinder sizes
  • Airgas Gold Gas® AluMIX
  • For aluminum thicker than 1/8".
    - Available in large or 300 cf size cylinders only
  • Airgas Gold Gas® StainMIX
  • TIG for austenitic or 300 grade stainless steel
    - Used in manual TIG welding of stainless steel to promote a good color match.
    - Available in large or 250-300 cf size cylinders only.

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