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Arc Covered Electrode Classification System
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Minimum Tensile and Yield Strengths by AWS Class
Class Min. Tensile Strength (psi) Min. Yield Strength (psi)
E60xx 62,000 50,000
E70xx 70,000 57,000
E80xx 80,000 67,000
E90xx 90,000 77,000
E100xx 100,000 87,000
E110xx 110,000 95,000
E120xx 120,000 107,000

Chemical Symbols and Effects for the Elements
C Carbon Most effective hardening element in steel
Mn Manganese Hardening element second to Carbon
Si Silicon Deoxidizer, moderate strengthener
P Phosphorous Causes cracking if too high
S Sulfur Aids in machining - cracking problems like P
Cr Chromium Hardness(low) - corrosion resistance(high)
Ni Nickel Hardening element - better cold toughness
Mo Molybdenum Hardenability - high temp tensile - creep strength
B Boron Very small amounts increase hardness
Cu Copper Corrosion resistance(low) - cracking(high)
Al Aluminum Deoxidizer - improves mechanical properties
Ti Titanium Removes: Oxygen,S,N, and C
N Nitrogen Improves Strength - lowers toughness
Cb Columbium Hardness - improves mechanical properties
V Vanadium Hardness - improves mechanical properties

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