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Operational Advantages of Power Brushes
Power Brushes Will Not Remove Base Material

Wire brushes clean surfaces in the same manner as sand-blasting. Because
of using superior quality hardened steel wire rotating at a high rate of
speed, the brushes have the ability to separate surface contaminates from
base material. Wire brushes will not remove base material or change port dimensions.


Brushes are Non-Loading

Unlike non-woven, bonded and coated abrasives, wire brushes will not load
when brushing soft materials or when used to remove paint and similar coatings.

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RADNOR Product Selection
Crimped vs. Knot Wire Brushes

Crimped Wire Brushes
• Made of hard-drawn wire which is crimped to allow individual filaments to
support each other
• Provide flexibility for light to medium duty brushing action
• Use on parts that could be damaged by the impact of a knot brush
• Use for a broad range of applications



Knot Wire Brushes
• Made of hard-drawn straight wire filaments twisted as a single unit like a piece of cable or wire rope
• Provide less flexibility and more aggressive brushing action in heavy-duty applications
• Use on parts requiring high-impact action
• Use to remove large burrs and heavy contamination, such as mulitple layers of rust, scale, paint or oxides


Standard Twist
A slight tuft at the end of the wire knot provides some flexibility for
use on irregular surfaces.

Cable Twist
The wire is tightly twisted to the end of each knot, providing very
aggressive brushing action.

Stringer Bead Twist
The wire is very tightly twisted to the end of the knot, creating
a narrow face with high-impact action, primarily used for weld




Trim Length

Long trim brushes are more
conformable and are able to
follow contoured surfaces.

Short trim brushes are
faster acting and suited for
more severe brushing action.


Fill Density

High density brushes
produce faster
brushing action, longer
brush life and finer
surface finishes.

Low density brushes
offer greater flexibility
for surface cleaning
operations on irregular


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