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Brushing Speeds

  1. Power Brushes, like cutting tools, operate most effectively when the speed and pressure of the operations are properly matched to the demands of the application. In most operations, the highest speed and lightest pressure will ensure the fastest brushing action and longest brush life.

  2. Increasing brush speed increases the face hardness and brushing action; therefore, a fine wire brush rotating at a higher speed will often produce the same results as a coarser wire brush rotating at a slower speed. Finer wire operating at a higher speed is generally preferred and will provide a longer brush life.

  3. MSFS - Maximum Safe Free Speed (RPM) is the maximum speed at which the brushes may be used safely and is not necessarily the optimum speed for a given application. Operating speed should be determined by the application, but should not exceed the MSFS (RPM) for which the brush is rated.

  4. Make sure the spindle size and motor of the machine are large enough to accommodate the diameter of the brush to be used.

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