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Consider the following when choosing a welding blanket:

What type of welding will you be doing?
Light Duty – general welding, light sparks and spatter
Medium Duty – heavier welding applications, sparks and spatter

Is your welding application vertical or flat?
Vertical application materials can be lighter weight and lower melt temperatures
Flat application materials need to be heavier weight and higher melt temperatures

Which material stiffness and thickness is appropriate?
• Stiff materials are coated to allow spatter and slag to roll off easier. Softer
work well for wrapping objects for stress relief
• Thicker materials take longer to burn through

Does your application involve abrasion?
• If so, consider stiffer coated material

More Important Information on Welding Blankets

• All blankets have grommets on 18” centers, except when noted
• All blankets are sewn with 1000° F melt temperature fiberglass thread
• Borders are hemmed for extra durability
• Actual finished size may vary 3” in height and width

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