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Eye Safety and Safety Glasses

Each working day in the United States, more than 2,000 employees sustain job-related eye injuries, making workplace injuries a leading cause of ocular trauma, vision loss and blindness. Safety eyewear have ANSI Z87.1 (which means it is impact resistant) marked on the frame or lens.

Safety glasses and goggles consist of a safety frame and safety lenses. A safety frame is sturdier than most "dress frames" and not easily bent or broken. Some have side shields, and some don't, depending on your specific job.Airgas provides an array of safety goggles, safety lenses, and eye protection accessories, with varying levels of protection.

Safety lenses are usually polycarbonate, which is jet windshield plastic that is very unlikely to break,providing significant eye protection from debris and UV light for the user. In certain instances a polycarbonate faceshield is necessary for added protection.

Airgas Safety Glasses
Safety glasses are designed to protect against flying debris, but some may also protect against visible and near visible light or radiation.

Airgas provides safety glasses that vary in the level of protection they provide. Glasses use by medical professionals may be expected to protect against blood splatter, while safety glasses used on a constriction site might require stronger lenses, frames and additional shields at the temples. So, whether you're working in the garage, in the warehouse or at the plant eye protection is important. With lenses in every color under the rainbow some of which are infrared or ultraviolet resistant, adjustable or fixed frames in many colors, wrap-around single lens or dual lens with side shields Airgas presents quality manufacturers you can trust.

Handsomely styled and engineered to provide complete protection with the widest vision, our selection of safety glasses provides the caliber of product that you demand in protective eyewear. Safety glasses come in a variety of options including: Lens color, lens type, frame color, brand name and replacable lenses

You'll find safety glasses from Aearo Co, Bouton, and Radnor


Airgas' eye protection equipment ranges from safety goggles and safety glasses to headgear and faceshields. In our catalog you will also find the replacement or upgrade parts for the eye protection equipment.

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