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Shielding Welding Gas
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Welding Shielding Gases
Shielding Gas — Protective gas used to prevent atmospheric contamination of the weld pool. Usually a mixed gas or CO2.

Shielding Gases: Costs, components, and applications of welding shielding gases. Guide to selecting welding shielding gases by metal.

Gold Gas Premium Shielding Gas Overview: Seven premium shielding gases and their applications.

Airgas carries industrial and welding gases, including Gold Gas premium shielding gas brands of SteelMIX, StainMIX, and AluMIX.

Shielding and Industrial Gas Mixes

Industrial Application Gases

Welding Gas Equipment: Welding and cutting outfits, torch and regulator repair parts, welding tips, cutting tips, tip cleaners, etc.

Gas Equipment Accessories: Regulators, adapters, fittings, carts, etc.

Filler Metals: TIG rod, stick electrode, MIG Wire, solder etc.