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Fall Protection
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Fall Protection
Coming in at #3 on OSHA’s Top 10 Most Cited Violations of fiscal 2005……
Fall Protection, with 6,378 total violations!
When creating a fall protection program, potential fall hazards in the workplace need to be identified. Per OSHA , a worker must be protected when working at heights of six feet or greater off the ground. There are two ways to accomplish this protection:
• Engineering Out Hazards – redesigning the workplace to eliminate the potential fall hazard. This could be as simple as moving the work to ground level or more involved, such as the addition of platforms, railings and tow boards.
• Fall Protection Equipment – when engineering out the hazard is not feasible or practical, a personal fall arrest system must be utilized.

QUESTION: What are the basic components of a Personal Fall Arrest System?
ANSWER:Just remember the ABCs.
Anchor point means a secure point of attachment (structure) for the fall arrest system. OSHA requires that anchor points used for fall protection be capable of supporting at least 5,000 lbs. per employee attached. The type of anchor varies with the job being performed and most importantly, the structure available.

B is for the Body Harness. The harness straps around your chest, buttocks and thighs. Newer fabrics make the webbing stretchable providing for a more comfortable fit. In the event of a fall, proper connection to the back D-ring will assure that the worker is suspended upright.

C is for the Connecting Device. This connects the Body Harness to the Anchor Point. Generally these are referred to as Shock Absorbing Lanyards, or Self Retracting Lifelines.

Fall protection protects with a variety of different systems used in situations where a fall hazard cannot be eliminated. Fall protection must be continuous while the hazard exists, with the typical fall protection system including a body harness and a lanyard attached to a stable anchor point (tie-off point).

These three key components comprise the Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS). Individually, these components will not provide fall protection. Used properly in conjunction with each other, however, they form a Personal Fall Arrest System, which becomes vitally important to fall protection and fall prevention safety on the jobsite. Airgas provides these essential fall protection components throughout our catalog.

The risk of falls is present at almost every workplace. Any walking or working surface can be a potential fall hazard. Airgas provides an assortment of fall protection accessories, from harnesses to rescue systems. With brands such as Bacou-Dalloz, DBI/SALA, Miller Fall Protection, Mine Safety Appliances Co., and North Safety Products, your fall protection needs are covered in our catalog.

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Fall Protection