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Information related to medical gases, services, applications, delivery, and equipment.

Medical Products Help

  • Airgas Puritan Medical: Capabilities Overview
  • National Oxygen Kit: Self-contained, ready-to-use emergency oxygen kit allows immediate access to enough medical oxygen to treat large groups of people in one emergency setting
  • Oxygen Equipment Rental Information: Curb the high cost of new oxygen therapy equipment.
  • Puritan Plus: Puritan Plus gives homecare providers a variety of delivery, compliance and other support.
  • Regulators, Medical: Compact Flowmeter, Designated Flow Oxygen, Flow Gauge, Emergency Medical, High Purity, Pediatric, Suction Medical Gas Regulators.
  • Sodalime Brochure: Sodalime is used to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from breathing systems in many applications
  • Walk-O2-Bout® and Walk-O2-Bout® Heliox: The cylinder with a fully integrated valve, regulator and handle.

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