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National Oxygen Kit
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Be prepared with instant access to the oxygen you need. You'll find it with Airgas.
In a major natural disaster or security event, transportation and infrastructure problems could cause logistical gridlock. That’s why immediate, reliable access to emergency oxygen is a vital part of effective crisis management today.

Now, your first responders can be fully prepared with the National Oxygen Kit from Airgas Puritan Medical. This exclusive, self-contained product is the first oxygen delivery system designed for immediate large-scale treatment. An enclosed portable cart holds oxygen with enough cylinders, regulators and masks to potentially treat hundreds of people in one emergency setting. Toggle valves allow instant, easy access to oxygen without the need for an “e” key or other special tools. The National Oxygen Kit guarantees a shelf life of 5 years for the oxygen and 10 years for the cylinders, so you’re assured of a secure, low-maintenance supply for the long term.

Being prepared:
What does it mean today?

The definition of “prepared” continues to evolve as the list
of potential crises grows and changes...
• Bird Flu
• Dirty or Atomic Bomb
• Bioterrorism
• Hazmat Spills or Releases
• Severe Weather
• Other Natural Catastrophes

During medical emergencies, the number one drug administered is oxygen. Yet, up to now, there has been no plan for providing backup supplies of oxygen. As a rule, medical oxygen suppliers inventory only enough cylinder assets to service the needs of their existing customers. In times of crisis, oxygen will be in high demand and in short supply. For this reason, having extra oxygen on hand for immediate use is an important part of being prepared. Prompt, local service is an important consideration when choosing a medical gas supplier for your emergency response team. Airgas has built one of the largest medical oxygen supply networks in the U.S. With our national footprint of nearly 900 locations across the country, and a strong emergency preparedness plan in place, Airgas Puritan Medical is well-positioned to respond to the needs of your community with maximum efficiency.

Airgas is already part
of the solution.

Airgas has a proven track record in emergency response. A national infrastructure combined with an effective emergency preparedness plan enables us to assist local communities in need. Our response during recent crises, such as Hurricane Katrina, demonstrates that commitment.The National Oxygen Kit from Airgas Puritan Medical is helping to close the preparedness gap. Now local communities throughout the nation can stock their own backup supply of oxygen to be used exclusively for emergencies.

The Airgas Puritan Medical National Oxygen Kit: Everything you need in one package.

This is the only self-contained, ready-to-use emergency oxygen kit available today. This unique product allows immediate access to enough medical oxygen to treat large groups of people in one emergency setting. Designed for convenience, easy access and efficiency, the National Oxygen Kit contains everything first responders need and requires no “e” keys or other special tools.

• 81 “E” Steel Oxygen Cylinders with Toggle Valves for easy access
• 150 Medium-Concentration Masks, each with 7 feet of tubing
• 40 0-15 LPM Click style CGA 870 Yoke Regulators
• All stored in an enclosed custom cart on wheels
• Oxygen, good for 5 years
• Cylinders Have 10-Year Retest Shelf Life

Airgas Puritan Medical: Everything you expect from an industry leader.

Our national presence and efficient service have made
Airgas Puritan Medical a trusted leader in quality and
safety in the medical gas industry.

• Home or nursing home delivery
• Tracking and maintaining your “customer owned” cylinders
• 24-hour on-call technicians
• Gas management service
• Training in D.O.T. and Safe Handling of Oxygen

Emergency Oxygen. When you need it. How you need it. You’ll find it here...because at Airgas, we’re prepared to help.