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Oxygen Equipment Rental Program
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Oxygen therapy products designed for efficiency, durability, reliability,and excellent patient care. You'll find it with Airgas Puritan Medical.
Airgas Puritan Medical understands how initial high acquisition costs can curb the purchase of new oxygen therapy equipment. That's why we developed one of the most popular rental programs in the industry. It helps ease your cash flow, obtain state-of-the-art equipment, break into new markets, and offer equipment maintained to regulatory compliance levels. While there are many types of oxygen therapy equipment designed to meet patients' needs, the Airgas Puritan Medical rental program enables you to offer more choices to your customers.

Liquid Oxygen Equipment for long-term therapy.
With the introduction of new liquid oxygen systems that are more lightweight and efficient, demand for liquid oxygen therapy and its related equipment is very strong.

Liquid oxygen vessels are a highly efficient way to transport oxygen for respiratory patients who want to maintain an active lifestyle.

Airgas Puritan Medical offers a variety of liquid oxygen equipment as part of its rental program. Proven vessel designs are rugged and easy to use. Plus, low maintenance requirements and long life assure continued reliability. Each system includes a stationary oxygen system for the patient to use at home. A unique filling system is incorporated into the stationary unit enabling the patient to refill their portable oxygen cylinders so they can stay active and on the go.

Concentrators for active patients go anywhere
Concentrators are the most widely used method of oxygen delivery to the patient. They combine stationary and ambulatory oxygen systems into one safe, simple device.

Concentrators are the most widely used method of delivering oxygen to the patient. They provide pure oxygen by concentrating it from the air. Oxygen concentrators deliver therapeutic oxygen in home, hospital, and nursing homes. With hundreds of thousands of units in daily use throughout the world, these low power consumption concentrator are known for high performance, easy maintenance, and unmatched reliability. Transfilling concentrators provide the same benefits as traditional oxygen concentrators, but with the added advantage of filling small, lightweight oxygen cylinders. This gives patients the ability to fill their own portable cylinders and have complete independence for easily moving about.