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Pay Invoices Online Demo
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Airgas product and rental invoices can be paid online with a credit card. To pay an invoice, simply login to the website with your assigned username and password and click on the blue PAY button in the Quick Links menu.

A list of invoices will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. To pay an invoice, check the select box next to each of the invoices you would like to pay and click the Pay Selected button.

If you would like to add other invoices for payment from another page, click the Return to Invoice History link at the top of the page, which will take you back to the invoice history menu. Select the next page from the invoice history list and repeat the process.

Once you’ve selected an invoice for payment, you will be taken to the Pay Invoice screen, which will automatically populate the invoice number, invoice date, invoice amount and amount due fields. The payment amount due will automatically be populated. Changing the payment amount to less than the total amount due will automatically prompt a message to enter in a reason code from the drop down menu in order for you to continue. Choose the reason from the drop down menu, or select “other-contact me” if you would like to discuss your reason with a billing specialist. There are also blank fields in the invoice number column in which you can type in an invoice number that you would like to pay. Clicking on the Validate button will let you know if the invoice number is valid and if it is, the invoice date, invoice amount and amount due will automatically populate. Rental invoice numbers typically have 9 digits and when entering in a rental invoice for payment, you’ll need to omit the first 3 digits and click the validate button in order for the invoice information to populate. If you would like to remove a particular invoice for payment, check the select box next to the designated invoice and click the remove selected button to remove it from the list. Enter in a PO number if required for this payment, or leave the field blank. Select your credit card type and enter in the credit card information that you would like to use to pay your invoices. Click the Submit button to continue, which will take you to a verification page where you can make any necessary changes before finally submitting your request. If you need to make any changes, click the Make Changes button. If all is in order, click the Finalize Payment button.

A confirmation page will appear referencing your payment with an order number that is dated and time stamped. An email confirmation will also be sent to you as well for your records. From here you can click the Home button to either continue shopping or view your account information, or you may click the logout button to end your session.