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Airgas Merchant Gases is a new business unit of Airgas created with the acquisition of the Linde Bulk Business Group. The acquired business has been named Airgas Merchant Gases, LLC, and is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Airgas Merchant Gases centrally manages production, sourcing, applications support, and logistics, working closely with bulk gas sales and service teams within Airgas regional companies.              
With the Linde acquisition, Airgas and its subsidiaries more than doubled its number of gas production plants (known as air separation units, or ASUs) and further bolster its fast-growing bulk gas business. Prior to the purchase, Airgas managed six ASUs, one under construction in Carrollton, Kentucky, and a strong team of bulk gas sales specialists working throughout the country.

Since Airgas Merchant Gases will manage production and delivery of most products, customers will see little change in the way orders are placed or received. For products ordered from the central dispatch team, calls should continue to be made to: 800-242-0105. The team will take orders from telemetry units and customers will be able to report tank readings by calling the team or by clicking the link at the right. Contact your local Airgas bulk gas representative for more information.

Contacts and Links

Airgas Merchant Gases Central Dispatch – Call TOLL-FREE 800-242-0105

Billing Information – Call TOLL-FREE 800-265-1375

Bulk Tank Readings (Former Linde customers without telemetry): Click Here or email

Site Locator: Click Here or call 866-924-7427.

North Carolina and South Carolina Customers - National Welders: Click Here

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Merchant Gases Central Dispatch – Call TOLL-FREE 800-242-0105

Billing Information – 800-265-1375

Bulk Tank Readings (No Telemetry)

Material Safety Data Sheets