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BIP Technology Brochure
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The specialty gas purity you need. Delivered with consistency, convenience andsubstantial savings. You’ll find it all at Airgas.
Quality gas is critical in delivering consistent analytical results. But finding consistent, premium-grade gas at affordable prices can be a formidable challenge. Until now. Using proprietary BIP® technology (an Air Products innovation), Airgas provides premium-grade purity for argon, helium, and nitrogen at costs you would expect for zero-grade gas. With BIP® technology, the purifier is built into the cylinder. You don’t have to worry about the extra upkeep and costs of a traditional external purifier and you’ll have more usable gas per cylinder. Plus, gas purities are guaranteed. You’ll improve analytical performance, reduce baseline noise, improve sensitivity, and eliminate all the problems with inconsistent gas and high levels of contaminants.

Improve analytical performance.
Baseline noise, ghost peaks, stationary phase bleed, and poor resolution due to phase degradation—they can all be caused by impurities in the gas. Unless you’re using BIP® technology argon, helium, or nitrogen from Airgas. BIP® technology minimizes the variability and uncertainty of cylinder gas quality. Better still, it turns zero-grade cylinder gas into pure, consistent, and accurate premium-grade gas.

Reduce gas consumption.
Moisture concentration—along with the probability of contamination—increases as the pressure in traditional cylinders decreases. With BIP® technology, there’s no need to change out cylinders with usable product left in the cylinder. The built-in-purifier provides consistent premiumgrade gas purity, from when the cylinder is full until it is empty.

BIP® technology gases reduce baseline noise.
This sample chromatogram is from an HP 5890 gas chromatograph FID where the column was removed and the detector inlet was plugged. Using the same plumbing, flow rate, and signal scale, the first baseline shows higher baseline noise using non-BIP nitrogen as the makeup gas. The second baseline shows lower noise using BIP nitrogen—analytical chemists in this application can improve sensitivity and analyze at lower levels.

Eliminate the cost, maintenance and hassles of purifiers.
Gas chromatographers and researchers have traditionally relied on external in-line purifier trains to protect their analytical instrumentation and data from gas contamination. However, in-line purifiers require regular maintenance, leading to additional labor costs and the potential for contaminants to re-enter the gas stream. BIP® technology provides the purity you need to produce accurate, consistent analytical results without ever having to worry about buying, checking or replacing an in-line purifier train.

BIP® technology delivers consistent, premium-grade gas through a hassle-free purifier contained within a compressed gas cylinder. BIP® technology is also available in 12-cylinder packs of argon, helium or nitrogen.