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Fuel Cell Hydrogen Brochure
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Power-producing hydrogen. Packaged in a variety of sizes. Delivered right to your point of use. You’ll find it with Airgas.

Hydrogen-powered fuel cells are an efficient source of energy, especially for remote, distributed power generation. As the nation’s largest distributor of packaged hydrogen, Airgas is the most efficient resource for powering fuel cells. Our unique understanding of hydrogen packaging, handling, and distribution provides advantages other suppliers can’t match. Plus, our hydrogen purity levels meet or exceed levels specified by the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) “Commodity Specification for Hydrogen”. Airgas offers the flexibility in delivering the quality hydrogen you need, in the quantities and container sizes you need, exactly where and when you need it.

The right expertise to meet the expanding needs of hydrogen fuel cell applications.

More than 20 years of experience in gas distribution, a national network of about 900 Airgas locations, 30 hydrogen fill centers nationwide, and a fleet of more than 3,000 delivery vehicles…there’s simply no better hydrogen source than Airgas. We have the flexibility to deliver hydrogen in the package size you need, whether you have one location across the street or multiple locations across the country. Along with flexible packaging and reliable supply, Airgas provides expert hydrogen storage site preparation and installation, use monitoring and replenishment, plus safety consultation on hydrogen storage and use. We also provide complete gas-handling systems, from cylinders, manifolds, and automatic switchover panels, to regulators, piping, and gas-use monitoring systems.

With about 900 locations nationwide, Airgas is the preferred choice for hydrogen.

The right packaging for a variety of requirements.
Airgas can meet virtually any hydrogen fuel cell need with a wide variety of hydrogen packaging options, including a variety of cylinder sizes, cylinder clusters (6 packs, 12 packs), tube trailers, and a variety of bulk liquid containers.

Airgas Cylinder Size Approx. Dimensions (diameter in. x length in.) Pressure(PSI) Storage Capacity (SCF) Approx. Weight (lbs.)
300 9.25" x 55" 2400 255 137
200 9 x 51 2265 220 119
200 9 x 51 2015 196 113
80 7 x 32.3 2015 71 46.5

Other sizes and packaging are available upon request.