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Gas Blenders Brochure
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Precision blending bulk- or microbulk-delivered gases saves money, improves productivity when you use the right blender. You’ll find it with Airgas.

In today’s metal fabrication environment, improving productivity and quality are the keys to survival and success. That’s why more and more applications requiring high volumes of pre-mixed gases are supplied with gas blended on site. Airgas MicroBulk or bulk deliveries are more cost effective than high-pressure or liquid cylinders. And when you use an Airgas blender, mixes are more precise and consistent across a wide range of flow rates.

Unique design is extremely accurate and reliable, with no ongoing maintenance or operation expense.
Accuracy, reliability, and targeted flow capacity are the benefits you get with a gas blender from Airgas. We offer a wide variety of flow ranges and gas combinations, including two- and three-component blends and a unit that produces two separate blends. Our blenders are mounted directly on an interior wall and plumbed in place. There are no extra storage tanks or electricity needed. And, there’s no maintenance needed. Each blender, regardless of its capacity, maintains an accuracy of +/-10% from 2 SCFH to the blender’s maximum of 4,000 SCFH.

Airgas blenders also provide excellent quality control. Blenders are preset for the specific gas mixture you require and cannot be altered onsite. If any mixture component is depleted, the blender will shut down. Airgas blenders make sure the gas mixture remains consistent.

“We switched to liquid cylinders and an Airgas blender to blend Airgas Gold Gas onsite. We put fixed orifices at the welding stations, in addition to the blender, and have had no problems in a year of operations.”
Dan Lanagan, Welding Foreman
Erie Strayer

Airgas’ three-component blender balances pressures within 1/250th psi using the B/R and 1/1 relays. Sintered metal tubes provide a blend accuracy of +/-10% of the minor element regardless of flow rate.

The right blenders for a variety of requirements.

Compact, wall-mounted gas blenders from Airgas produce an accurate, preset blend over the complete flow range. They’re perfect for precise blending of gas components onsite to produce nearly any gas mix, including Airgas Gold Gas welding shielding gases. Blenders are preset and tamper-resistant so you’re assured of getting the accurate blend you need, day in and day out. They’re also equipped with an automatic shutoff.