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Smart Indicating Purifying Sell Sheet
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Gas purity is critical to maintaining laser productivity. A Smart Indicating Purifier protects the gas stream and your resonator. You’ll find it with Airgas.

Laser system resonators require high-purity gases to generate the laser beam. In order for the laser to operate at its fullest potential, gas purity must be maintained throughout the entire gas stream. The Airgas Smart Indicating Purifier helps purify the gas stream to the resonator and provides early warning of gas impurities to prevent damage to resonator optics and electrodes.

Smart Indicating Purifiers show you when the gas is contaminated.
Along with purifying the resonator gas, Airgas Smart Indicting Purifiers provide an early warning of impurities entering the gas stream. If the gas contains contaminants, or if contaminants enter the resonator gas stream during cylinder change out, the purifier media begins to change color.

Patented quick-change base lets you change the purifier without interrupting gas flow.
Airgas Smart Indicating Purifiers are designed to keep your resonator gas stream flowing cleanly and efficiently. With check valves built into purifier’s base, spent cartridges are quickly and easily changed wtihout contaminants entering the gas stream.

Airgas has the Smart Indicating Purifier that’s right for your laser.
Maintaining gas stream purity with an Airgas Smart Indicating Purifier will help you get the most from your laser investment. Along with keeping your lasesr beam power at maximum capacity, our Smart Indicating Purifier also helps to extend the life of resonator optics and eletrodes. Call us for the Smart Indicating Purifier that’s right for your laser operations.