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SF6 Emissions Brochure
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The SF6 training and management program that makes utilities greener. You’ll find it with Airgas.

Save on costs while you save the environment. That’s the win-win impact of the new Airgas SF6 Emission Reduction Program, recommended as part of the voluntary U.S. EPA initiative. As the national leader in SF6 distribution, we’re also the leader in best practices for cylinder management, used product recycling and environmental/safety training. Whether you want a total turnkey system or selective services, you’ll find it with Airgas—including lower costs from lowered consumption. With Airgas expertise and products, electric power utilities get the best of all outcomes—including community goodwill.

Specially designed for the utility industry, the Airgas SF6 Emission Reduction Program saves you money in supply costs by lowering your consumption. Our team of experts will help you maximize cylinder utilization, minimize contamination, improve your EPA standings with more accurate reporting, and package the most efficient SF6 solution for your operation.

Create a Healthier World Climate Build a Better Business Climate

By taking a proactive stance on climate protection, you foster good will in your community. By doing it in a way that makes you more cost efficient, you also create favorable stockholder perception. The Airgas Emission Reduction Program combines specialized products and expertise that make it easy for you to enjoy all the benefits of improved SF6 handling practices.

Save on Supply Costs

Profit margins and EPA guidelines have rarely made a better team. While the Airgas Emission Reduction Program improves your EPA compliance, it also helps you cut waste and decrease your consumption, saving you money. The foundation of the program is comprised of two key elements: 1) employee training and 2) gas management.

Airgas SF6 training transforms your gas handlers into SF6 specialists and effective partners in making your program a success.

Employee Awareness
Effective SF6 management starts with employee awareness. So the first part of the Airgas Emission Reduction Program training centers on educating your employees about how SF6 emissions can occur in the context of their daily work and the consequences of these emissions for the environment.

Safety: SF6 and Cylinders
The next step is to equip employees with specific knowledge about SF6 gas and procedures for safe handling of SF6 cylinders.

Gas Cart Operation
The gas transfer process can be a major source of SF6 emissions. A properly-trained gas cart operator can significantly reduce emissions and supply costs.

Gas Management
Airgas brings you a unique array of gas management products and services to help you plan, implement, and maintain a cost-saving emission reduction program.

Accounting & Tracking Gas Use
• Inventory assistance.
Airgas will provide personnel and/or information to help you with accurate inventory reporting at the beginning and end of each year.

• Cylinder Heel Reporting. The residual product (heel) in a cylinder is routinely counted as an emission when the cylinder is returned. Airgas cylinder reporting deducts the heel, decreasing your emissions figures up to 15%.

Efficient Gas Use. Lower costs and improve safety by getting maximum SF6 withdrawal from every cylinder. Airgas can help with employee training and proper cylinder sizing.

Gas Analysis Service
Maintaining gas purity helps ensure optimum equipment performance. Airgas helps you monitor any contamination that can occur from arcing or equipment leaks.

Calibration of Analyzers
We will calibrate your hygrometers, oxygen analyzers and ultrasonic detectors for you or train your personnel in the proper procedure. This should be done after every 100 hours of operation.

SF6 Recycling
Save money and improve safety by processing damaged gas to a reusable condition. We’ll tailor an on-site or off-site program to suit your needs.

SF6 Gas Carts
Off-load SF6 gas from equipment and store it during maintenance or implement on-site recycling. Purchase or rent, depending on your requirements.

Residual Pressure Valves
RPVs—built into all Airgas SF6 cylinders—eliminate back-fill contaminants. This guarantees purity and allows gas to be top-filled without venting SF6 into the atmosphere.

Multiple Cylinder Sizes
Airgas offers a range of cylinder sizes designed to maximize efficiency and minimize waste. Your Airgas consultant will customize the best SF6 cylinder package to match the requirements of your utility.

The expertise and the products to help your business and your planet. You’ll find it all with the Airgas Emissions Reduction Program.