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Cylinder & Bulk Propane Brochure
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Consistent, cost-effective propane supply. Delivered in cylinders or bulk, right to your point of use. You’ll find it with Airgas.

As the nation’s largest supplier of gases, welding and safety products, Airgas has expanded its propane offering by partnering with AmeriGas, the nation’s largest propane source. Our partnership, combined with our unique understanding of gas packaging, handling, and distribution provides advantages other suppliers can’t match. Whether you use propane for powering fork trucks or lifts, heating your facility, cutting or heating for metal fabrication, or for back-up power generation, Airgas is your one stop source. Consolidating your gases, welding and safety products purchases with Airgas saves time and money, while eliminating headaches and hassles you don’t need.

Airgas offers flexibility in delivering the cost-effective propane you need, in the quantity you need, exactly where and when you need it.

The right expertise to meet all your cylinder and bulk propane needs.

More than 20 years of experience in gas distribution, a national network of about 900 Airgas locations, a fleet of more than 3,000 delivery vehicles, and a partnership with the nation’s largest propane supplier…there’s simply no better propane source than Airgas. We have the flexibility to deliver propane in a variety of cylinder sizes or in bulk quantities, whether you have one location across the street or multiple locations across the country. Along with flexible packaging and reliable supply, Airgas provides expert propane storage site preparation and installation, use monitoring and replenishment, plus safety consultation on propane storage and use. Airgas also provides a variety of purchase options based on your specific needs, including index-based, variable, or pre-purchase fixed options.

The right packaging for a variety of requirements.

Airgas can meet virtually any propane need with a wide variety of packaging options, including a variety of cylinder sizes and bulk containers.

Cylinder/Tank SizeApprox Dimensions (diameter in. x length in.)Approximate Storage Capacity (lbs./gals.)Approx. Tare Weight (lbs.)
33-lb. TMF12.25” x 28.5”32 lbs./7.57 gals.23.5 lbs.
100-lb.14.75 x 48.595/22.4671
420-lb.30 x 52.5400/94.56272
500-lb. horizontal34 x 1051,692/4001,540
1,000-gal. horizontal41.25 x 1803,384/8002,329

Airgas and partner AmeriGas can meet all your propane needs with a variety of cylinder sizes and on-site bulk deliveries.