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A proactive approach to keeping your operations running smoothly. Youll find it with Airgas Specialty Products.

If your operations require ammonia, you know the importance of ammonia purity and safety. The slightest contamination from water or oil can cause significant and costly decreases in your system’s performance or product throughput. And, safe, reliable ammonia use requires properly maintained ammonia storage and handling systems.

Airgas Specialty Products offers a unique service to help customers maintain ammonia supply integrity, achieve maximum system performance, and keep employees and the community safe from ammonia leaks.

Airgas Specialty Products. Your total ammonia solution.

Safety First

Ammonia is a highly hazardous substance.Keeping your employees and community safe fromthe health effects of an ammonia release becomes increasinglymore important every day. As an ammonia user, you know that safe and reliable ammonia use requires properlymaintained ammonia storage and handling systems. Ammonia systems require repair and maintenance over time. Exposure to the elements, expiration of date sensitive components, and normal wear and tear are just a few reasons for ongoing maintenance of ammonia systems. Regularly scheduled inspection and maintenance can help you avoid the disruption of unscheduled system repairs and decrease the probability of an ammonia release. Airgas Specialty Products offers a comprehensive service agreement that includes scheduled system inspections, maintenance, and repairs of any covered component that does not pass inspection or fails while covered by the agreement.

Comprehensive Coverage
Airgas Specialty Products will, on a scheduled basis, perform a multi-point inspection on your ammonia storage and handling system.

Our basic program includes:
• Quarterly inspection of the storage tank
• Inspection and repair of relief valves, shut-off valves, three way valves and gauges
• Replacement of pressure relief valves according to manufacturers specifications

Airgas Specialty Products can customize a program to include tank painting, pump-outs, contamination testing, and electrical components.

High-Quality Service

Airgas Specialty Products delivers high quality service that that helps to minimize the chance your business will be interrupted due to system malfunction or leaks. Our technicians are highly trained ammonia specialists experienced in handling ammonia and maintaining storage systems.

Inspection and Maintenance Features & Benefits

• Trained and qualified technicians perform inspection and repairs, allowing you to focus on your business and leave the ammonia to the experts.
• Inspection reports provided to document activity, supporting risk management and environmental protocol at your facility.
• Repair cost of covered equipment is included in the agreement, assisting you in managing your budget.
• Early detection of leaks or other factors that may make the storage vessel unsafe helps to protect your empolyees, your facility, and the community.
• Date-sensitive components are replaced in accordance with manufacturers' specifications and applicable regulations, providing improved safety and protection from ammonia leaks.