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Airgas Refrigerants Brochure
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The right inventory, packaging, and recovery support. You’ll find it all at Airgas.

In fact, Airgas gives you the most comprehensive refrigerant gas program available today— with solutions well beyond what you’d expect from a refrigerant supplier. Our locally managed recovery and reclamation services are two examples of the support you can only get from Airgas. These help you to meet EPA standards which require “cradle-to-grave” accountability of these Ozone Depleting Gases.

We offer a complete selection of refrigerant products and cylinder sizes to meet any applicationrequirement. Plus, our national distribution network offers local delivery and pick-up on any cylinder size to help you to minimize and better manage your inventories.

We’ve created a total approach to refrigerant supply, procurement and recovery/reclamation to make your job easier. It’s what you’d expect from the nation’s leading supplier, and it’s what you get from Airgas.

Complete Product Line-Up
For any application using refrigerant products, you’ll find exactly what you need at Airgas. This includes CFC, HCFC, HFC, ammonia and the new alternative refrigerants.

We can support product applications including:
• Industrial process refrigeration
• Commercial comfort air-conditioning
• Retail food refrigeration
• Cold storage warehouse
• Refrigerated transport
• Industrial process air-conditioning
• Household and light commercial air-conditioning
• Household and other refrigerated appliances

Flexible Procurement Options
A broad range of cylinder sizes gives you the flexibility to purchase refrigerants that meet your specific application requirements. Our local delivery option includes even hard-to-handle sizes such as 125 and 1,000 lbs. Our complete product line means you can reduce vendors, minimize paperwork and get better control over procurement costs.

• 700 nationwide locations for responsive local delivery and pick-up
• Customized stocking and delivery programs available
• Technical Specialists available for product selection and applications advice
• Analytical services
• E-Business programs to streamline the procurement process

Reclamation & Recovery Services

Airgas is the only national Industrial and Specialty Gases supplier that offers services to handle used cylinders in an EPA-compliant way.

Return Program. This is an environmentally-friendly method for disposing of used refrigerants, freeing up space and improving facility safety. In some cases, we provide credit on the returned product.

Reclamation. We can do it at your site or ours. We’ll take your dirty refrigerants and send you back ARI 700-95 spec refrigerant. Or, with our patented RPS technology, we can do the same at your site, which gives you maximum cradle-to-grave control over your refrigerants and/or waste. These services keep your equipment in top working condition.

On-Site Recovery/Reclamation. This service can be provided on-site while the customer’s system remains online, thereby minimizing recovery and downtime costs.

Cylinder Recertification/Reconditioning. Airgas can assist in keeping customer owned containers in proper, legal working order. It allows customers to efficiently and economically maintain their containers.

Product Buyback. Airgas will purchase unused overstocked product.