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Effective solutions for managing safety training and regulatory requirements. You’ll find it with us.

Airgas Specialty Products offers an innovative web-based program that tracks, updates, and helps you manage the components of safety training, general duty, or PSM/RMP programs. This unique software solution even provides timely alerts and updates your records so you can produce the necessary reports to meet regulatory compliance. Better still, it’s easy to use and requires very little administrative effort. It’s ideal for:

• Standard Operating Procedures
• Mechanical Integrity
• Hazard Evaluation
• Audits
• Safety Training Records
• Maintenance

General Duty
Failure to address hazard recognition and safety management covered by the General Duty Clause can result in civil and administrative fines of up to $25,000 per day even if you fall below PSM/RMP threshold. In fact, the general duty clause covers all ammonia users. Airgas Specialty Products offers a system designed for General Duty ammonia users that reduces the administrative time required to fully meet general duty requirements. And it provides the same alert and training benefits of our full PSM program.

If you need to develop an RMP/PSM program, or if you need support to effectively manage your existing program, Airgas Specialty Products has a solution. Using the same support for General Duty requirements, we add the depth of analysis required by the EPA for compliance.

Focus on Your Business
At Airgas Specialty Products, we focus on maintaining compliance. Our regulatory compliance solutions help us achieve that goal. We will help you achieve your compliance goals, too. Airgas Specialty Products compliance solutions create a centralized source of information so you know what to do to maintain compliance. It links all of your safety and regulatory information into printable forms that keep your PSM files up to date and ready for inspectors.