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New AcuGravTM technology is a quantum leap in specialty gas filling.You’ll find it only at Airgas.

This major breakthrough by Airgas engineers totally computerizes and automates the multicomponent specialty gas filling process. By eliminating manual filling and removing the human element, AcuGravTM achieves an astonishing level of quality every time — at 20 AcuGrav filling facilities coast to coast. So chances are, there’s an Airgas AcuGrav location near you. And with the most ISO 9001:2000 certified and ISO 17025 accredited specialty gas labs in the country, Airgas is able to provide you with gas mixture consistency, precision and peace of mind.

Breakthrough technology. Precision & consistency you’ve never had before.

Developed by the in-house Airgas automation team, AcuGravTM is a patented, fully automated and computerized system that programmatically executes Airgas-specific SOP’s. The result is a mix with unprecedented consistency and accuracy. This level of quality will not vary by batch or by plant location. This astonishing feat is radically changing what the specialty gas user can now expect in precision and consistency.

A technical achievement that revolutionizes gas filling.

The AcuGrav data collection unit is completely modular and features state-of-the art technology, including a realtime embedded control system to handle I/O and timecritical routines. The real-time operating system consists of 450 subroutines.

Precisely on Specification.Always on Time.

Because AcuGrav provides such remarkable accuracy and consistency, customer specifications are easily met. Since the system was introduced, Airgas analytical laboratories at AcuGrav sites report a significant drop in failure rates. This has streamlined the production process and helped Airgas achieve an enviable on-time record.

Product Variety Wherever You Need It.Airgas offers the widest variety of precise specialty gas blends through the largest network of laboratories in the U.S. Whether you need common two-component mixtures or custom mixtures of multiple components, you’ll find it with Airgas.

See AcuGravTM for yourself and you’ll see why it’s the talk of the industry.See for yourself how AcuGrav is changing the industry by visiting the online demonstration at: You’ll be amazed at what you see.