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EPA Protocol Brochure
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Technical expertise. Direct NIST traceability. Low-level single- and multi-component mixtures. The largest specialty gas network in the U.S. You’ll find it with Airgas.

Whether you are an environmental manager at a power utility, an environmental specialist, a RATA tester, or a government employee, Airgas offers a wide range of Environment Monitoring Gases to meet your needs. We manufacture EPA Protocols at six laboratories specifically designated to produce EPA Protocols. These facilities are part of our national network of nearly 60 specialty gas labs, half of which are certified to ISO 9001:2000 standards; three are ISO 17025 accredited for analytical methodology and are the only facilities in North America with this accreditation.

Airgas EPA Protocols are prepared and analyzed in strict accordance with the EPA’s most current guidelines. All Airgas EPA Protocols produced for the utilities market are certified to +/- 1% overall uncertainty guarantee.

Airgas has the right expertise, the right products, and the right network to deliver the right EPA Protocol gases where and when you need them.

Eliminate the headaches and hassles of finding the right EPA Protocols.

As the largest U.S. supplier of specialty gases, Airgas has the expertise you need to eliminate the headaches and hassles of environmental compliance in your industry. We produce our own EPA Protocols in six strategically placed laboratories, part of our network of 60 specialty gas facilities nationwide.

Produced and analyzed to meet EPA standards.

Airgas EPA Protocols are prepared and analyzed in strict accordance with the EPA Traceability Protocol Assay and Certification of Gaseous Calibration Standards. This standard specifies methods for traceability to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) or other NIST-approved reference materials, including Airgas-produced NIST Traceable Reference Standards (NTRMs). The majority of EPA Protocol mixtures from Airgas are certified to a +/- 1% overall uncertainty guarantee. All analytical certifications are performed under completely interference-free G1 procedures, with documentation fully conforming to the requirements of the EPA Protocol program. And, maximum allowable shelf life is guaranteed.

Complete peace of mind. You’ll find it with Airgas.

While EPA Protocol gases are readily available from many suppliers, consider partnering with the one supplier with proven capabilities in reducing customer costs and improving continuous emissions monitoring. With Airgas, you’ll find:

• A range of accurate, reliable mixtures, including low-level Nitric Oxide
• +/- 1% analytical accuracy (measurement uncertainty) vs. NIST SRMs and NTRMs
• An active NTRM Production Program, assuring a well-stocked inventory of NTRMs and SRMs for direct traceability
• Comprehensive and complete analytical documentation with easy-to-read body labels and Certificates of Analysis with each EPA Protocol shipped
• Easy-to-access information and ordering 24/7 through www.airgas.com, including on-line Certificates of Analysis documentation and MSDS
• Local stock and delivery through nearly 900 stocking locations by qualified Airgas personnel using Airgas trucks
• Hazardous material documentation completed during delivery by Airgas personnel
• Specialized calibration mixtures available for more stringent state and local government regulations

Along with providing accurate, reliable EPA Protocols, Airgas offers complete supply chain management, inventory management, local sales, service, and distribution, and multi-site account management.