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No one wants to experience production slowdown due to insufficient ammonia supply. Or worse, a complete shutdown due to depleted inventory. Lost time means lost revenue. And the ripple effect on your customers and employees can be even more costly.

Airgas now offers the peace of mind of a guaranteed ammonia supply at your facility — at all times. In fact, if you ever run out of ammonia, your next shipment is absolutely free. How can Airgas make this "keep full" promise? Through a service called Guaranteed Ammonia INventory.


Ammonia supply at your facility at all times. A free shipment of ammonia if we don't deliver.

Proven Technology Makes It Simple

GAIN brings proven, wireless technology into your daily ammonia operations, making life simpler.

GAIN automatically monitors your ammonia inventory 365 days a year. We connect a transmitter directly to your tank and install a receiver to a cellular connection or phone line inside your facility. When your ammonia inventory reaches a preestablished level, we automatically replenish your supply. It's all done with technology that has been used by other industries for years. Airgas is the first to introduce it in the ammonia industry.

Transparent Operation

GAIN is completely seamless and provides automatic notifications regarding your ammonia inventory.

GAIN does not require an additional phone line. The receiver may connect to a cellular signal or share a line with an answering machine, fax or modem without creating interference. The "smart" receiver makes calls when the line is free.

Save Time and Ease Your Mind

GAIN eliminates the worry of costly ammonia shortfalls.

GAIN also eliminates the time and manpower required to manage your ammonia inventory — and you save the personnel time normally spent on ordering and scheduling ammonia deliveries.

Easy On Your Budget

GAIN is available to you for an installation fee and a low monthly service fee.

Simplify Now

Simplify your operations and alleviate potential production headaches now by signing up for Airgas' GAIN service. We'll have your GAIN system installed and operational in just a few days.