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Ammonia Distillation Brochure
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Innovative ammonia services.You’ll find it with us.

Ammonia, considered the most energy-efficient, economical and environmentally friendly refrigerant available, must be kept contaminant-free to achieve the efficiency for which it is known. Airgas Specialty Products will test for contamination and recommend a solution that suits your business needs. Our goal is to keep your operation running smoothly.

Identify contamination

Contamination can occur in any ammonia refrigeration system. Often, moisture enters into the chiller through leaks in seals, packing and valves, tube ruptures, and condensation during installation. Oil can accumulate from equipment components, as well.

Contamination results in increased temperature and energy costs, as well as decreased pump performance, pressure and evaporator efficiency.

Identifying contamination can prevent serious malfunctions. One way to discover contamination before you experience a problem is with a Cold-flo sample. A test performed by experienced Airgas Specialty Products technicians can tell you how much contaminant is present in your refrigerant and recommend a solution such as a pump-out or distillation.

Can’t shut down? Try distillation

Airgas Specialty Products can remove contaminants such as oil or water without stopping the operation of an ammonia system with our Distillation Unit. The Distillation Unit has shown tremendous results in field tests – leaving ammonia virtually contaminant-free.

The self-contained portable Distillation Unit allows customers to regain efficiencies lost due to oil or water contaminated ammonia. In fact, recent tests conducted at customer locations removed 96% of total contaminants on average.

“As a result of the distillation process, 245 gallons of water was removed from the ammonia. Since the procedure, our systems have been cooling better, and hold more pressure. In fact, I see 100% performance improvement over where we started.”
Roger Hall, Refrigeration Manager, Tyson Foods Inc.

Features & Benefits of Distillation
• Batch processing
• Does not require system shut down
• Easy to use
• Can be operated by in-house technicians
• Minimal instillation requirements
• Can be placed quickly & easily almost anywhere

• 3-phase 480-volt service
• Water source, discharge hose and drain within 75’
• Dimensions 7’ x 14’ x 5’