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How To Properly Select A Manual Plasma Cutting System
Plasma cutters utilize a three-category performance rating system. This rating system makes it easy for the end user to choose the right system for the right application.

The following is an explanation of this performance rating criteria.
Recommended Capacity:
• Optimum system performance
• Cut speeds of at least 20 inches per minute (IPM)
• Ideal operating range for excellent cut quality
• Majority of cutting should be done at this thickness and down – 80% of the time

Maximum Capacity:
• Strong performance
• Cut speeds of at least 10 inches per minute (IPM)
• Top end of satisfactory cut quality
• Not intended for more than 20% of operating use

Severence Capacity:
• Top end of system’s capabilities
• Intended only for occasional severance requirements where a lower degree of cut quality is acceptable
• Slower cut speeds