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Big box supply houses rarely have the infrastructure to deliver cylinders or bulk quantities of industrial, welding and cutting gases or the expertise to provide safety products to protect your workers. Airgas is the nation’s largest distributor of gases and welding supplies, and a leading distributor of safety products. With nearly 1,100 locations nationwide, we can meet your needs, wherever you need them.

Airgas has built a track record of getting the job done in the construction market. We have helped customers build projects as diverse as major sports arenas, office high-rise towers, interstate highways and bridges, power plants, petrochemical plants and airports.

Our construction specialist staff has process welding expertise for specific metals, fillers, shielding gases and subarc. We can satisfy your equipment needs which might encompass torches, welders, welder rentals as well as fall protection and other required safety gear. Gas supplies can range from liquid oxygen, liquid argon, welding shielding gases and all can be delivered according to your needs.

Welding “Know-How”

Airgas has a team of welding process specialists. Many carry the title of Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) and /or Certified Welding Educator (CWE), and all have accumulated years of experience on the job. Our welding process specialists can help you find ways to improve your welding process and maximize cost-efficiency.

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