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Power Plants

Expert advice available during walk-through reviews; gases welding and safety gear for new construction, short-term turn-arounds and retrofits; on-site secure storage and management of gases, welding equipment and supplies. Gas delivery – cylinders, MicroBulk, portable bulk gas supply providing multiple welding gas feed lines, and bulk – to match your requirements. With Airgas, all these offerings and more are available to meet your needs.

On-site inventory management of gases and supplies.

The people of Airgas go beyond the traditional supplier role. As a true alliance partner, we can help you improve how our products are used and managed on your jobsite.

Airgas can reduce the total cost of key supply categories by helping to consolidate spend, reduce suppliers, standardize pricing and help ensure you meet specifications.

OUTLOOK Services from Airgas provide on-site expertise to eliminate waste, bottlenecks and inefficiencies in supply chain management of gases and hardgoods. The resulting savings can be substantial. In fact, on large projects, savings for gases, welding supplies and safety products can be as much as 20 times more than those realized by simply hunting for the lowest product price.

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