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Saved Orders
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Saved Orders allows you to save items in a shopping cart so you can quickly return to it at a later date. You can create and name as many shopping carts as you’d like and the items in the cart will be saved until you take action on a saved order.

After logging in with your username and password, you can begin to locate items that you wish to purchase and add them to your shopping cart. To save your shopping cart, click the “Save Order” button on the shopping cart. A window will appear asking you to name your shopping cart. Type in any identifying text you want and click the Save Order button.

You will be taken to the Order Management > Saved Orders menu which will display a list of your saved shopping carts by name. To open a saved order, click on the hyperlinked order name.

You can even save a specific quantity for a particular item by entering in the desired quantity in the “Qty” field and clicking the “Update Quantity” button. Any changes you have made will be saved.

To delete a saved order, click on the “Delete Order” button and the entire saved order will be deleted from the list.

To take action on your saved items, check the Select box next to each item and click the “Add Selected to Cart” button which will add these items to your shopping cart. Checking selected items and clicking on the “Set as Current” button will replace any items currently in a shopping cart with just the items you have selected.